Thursday, May 19, 2011


So i know i haven't posted in a while i figured id tell you that the weather is getting so nice iv been spending my days outside! that means less time being on sl.But that's ok we all need a break from a game now an then right?Hopefully i haven't lost to many of you that read my second life blog.just know ill be back posting again soon when i get inspiration! Enjoy a cute video of a dog talking to his master about food!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Life would be weird without you....

Happy mothers day to all the wonderful mothers out there! This is my LOTD for today hope you like!
Hair: Truth
Necklace: Mandala
Coat:Toxic Kitty
Elf ears:Gauged
Piercings: Pepper
Pose:Au Flou

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where is it?!!!

Now i know why they call it the where is hunt! during the hunt i kept crashing so when i would log back in the stuff i got from the hunt wouldn't be in my recent tab....frustrating but i found it!
Yes i know boring white background but it was simple to do because its late + im tired = long day an how i added math into that i dont know considering how tired i am! ok rant over
Hair: Truth
Shirt:Arandi (hunt item)
Belt: Pepper
Pants: SU!
Shoes: Balink (hunt item)
Tongue: Glue inc (hunt item)
Braclets: MANDALA *New* Sinra 2


so this morning i got a im from a girl who has a new store called COOL all clothes an items for men an women are super cheap an ill be blogging about them later on today!! Also the WHERE IS IT HUNT starts today at 3pm slt! thay have 44 stores participating in this hunt WOOT! Cant wait check back for more info later today!!!