Saturday, February 26, 2011

What have i gotten myslef into.....

So after two hours of trying to go to the skin fair i gave up feeling sad i when out an bought this shirt!  XD
Hair : Truth
Shirt: Amerie
Pants: paper doll
Shoes : 2 Real


So the skin fair has been going on for some time now an i have been wanting a new skin! if only i could tp there if the sim wasn't full :C ! I had almost gotten in earlier but apparently you need to have less then 50 scripts on your av before you enter ...i had on 546! Hahha does this mean im a script whore? I'll try to post back later if i can get into the fair rofl

Thursday, February 24, 2011

what happened to spring?

Its suppose to snow at my house for the next  4 days! weather man predicts we will get 10 inches of snow....So today in sl i decide to dress in shorts XD
Shorts: Twisted an spoiled
shoes: (you cant see them but..) Slink white flip flops
Hair: Truth

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This title has no name!

So lately a lot of people have been posting the new dress from Kyoot! an i figured id go get it an blog it! normally i don't buy dresses for my av because of my shape an when i put dresses on it make my avs butt look big lol anyways just look at pics:

Hair: Truth
Shoes: slink jolie white flip flops 
Other:Crazy Garden: angelic tree house ( can be found on the marketplace)


So heyyy its moi! i think im back into a blogging mood ! Anyways My second life family are in the process of starting a family business store.Alot of them are great builders among other things....anyways so the store is called Bonified products inc. We sell furniture adult poses and more....check it out here:

we have a money tree located inside the store an there are advertise boards on the wall at the entrance
anyways ill probably be posting an outfit later on today!