Tuesday, November 30, 2010

walking in a winter wonderland!

Yay im so happy my sister wanted to be my model with the snowman i got from ipoke as a group gift! isnt he cute with his nose piercing??
On Her:
Hair: >TRUTH< Jersey (Blood)
Fawn Ears and Antlers:
Pants:    :: Twisted & Spoiled :: Tramp Jeans Dirty
Make Up:     :>a3<: Eye Swoop Face Tattoos (Swoop Solid Black)
Eyelashes: Cake- Bedroom Lashes- Tintable
Fawn: Gritty Kitty: WHITE Fawnification
Boots:  KAO : Suede Fringe Boots / black
Eyes: pc eyes by LL - dunes
Shirt: S@BBiA:: GroupGift No. 15

Sunday, November 28, 2010

No words

no words can decribe how bad of a blogger i am lol! anyways new truth hair! yea i knwo im late in posting this but we have had computer issues latly.
Truth hair -Joey
Shirt- SHUSH sissi top mint
Necklace- Mandala Hannya necklace black

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Awesome sauce !

Yes i think im back into a blogging mood Rofl! Ok so first off shout out to my new follower Karenzinha Romano! Thank you for following my blog and wow total of 3 followers! I feel special !
ok wow that picture is kind of small sorry about that rofl! I use viewer 2 an the only way to edit my pictures is by using paint program rofl
Shirt - SAIKO
Jeans - COOL BEANS group freebie! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

OMG im a bad bad blogger!!!!

OMG! Yes its true im lazy as hell and totally forgot i had a blog Rofl! Also i have not been posting because well there hasn't been that many thing in this sl world to post :( Or maybe there is an im just lazy?? Anyways since the holidays started thats probably the other reason i have not posted in so long.Rl got me busy for a while.anyways Shout out to my new follower justafunnygirlinaslworld!!Thank you for following my blog even if i haven't posted anything in a while! It means alot that someone can laugh at me for posting horrible taste in pictures! :P

Till next time!

you can contact orryna kristan in world if you have question comments or sugestions for my blog or if you just want to bug the hell out of me because hey my IMs never get capped Whooo!